Co. K
"The Pelican Regiment"
Captain Keith Bauer
1st Sgt Nathaniel Jewell
2nd Sgt Daniel Bosch
3rd Sgt Jarret Bauer
1st Cpl Jack deBen
2nd Cpl Scott Walsh
Pvt Dave Booher
Pvt. Rusty Bordelon
Pvt Danny Bosch
Pvt James Butler
Pvt Dean Christian
Pvt Peyton Christian
Pvt Colin Corcoran
Pvt. Kurt Comeaux
Pvt Patrick Egan
Pvt Daniel Flynn
Pvt Tanner Fooshee
Pvt Ken Greene
Pvt. Murray Hall
Pvt Eades Hogue
Pvt. Issac Jewell
Pvt Samuel Jewell
Pvt Drew Manuel
Pvt Ken Olson
Pvt Tyler Piquet
Pvt. Rusty Racer
Pvt. Caleb Reverie
Pvt. Mike Reverie
Pvt. Nick Reverie
Pvt. Chris Trosclair
Pvt. Cameron Wilcox
Pvt. Clay Wilson
Pvt Daniel Wood
Scheduled Events

Summer Meeting TBD

Battle of Baton Rouge, Oct 1-2, 2016

Beauvoir, October 15-16, 2016

Camp Moore, November 22-23, 2016

Port Hudson 2010
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kgb51@aol.com, bosch@internet8.net or the following phone numbers: 504-779-7754, 985-839-3901
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Corporate Officers
Daniel Bosch, President
Scott Walsh, Vice President
Lynnette Reich, Treasurer
Elizabeth Walker, Secretary
Keith Bauer, Captain
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Civilian Members
Anna Kate Christian
Olivia Christian
Nita deBen
Linda Hall
Reatha Hamlin
Monique Kline
Lynette Reich
Elizabeth Walker
Hannah Walker
Michelle Walsh
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Camp Moore 2013
7th Louisiana's Blue Pelican flag
7th Louisiana Infantry